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Are you ready to Reclaim the Great Commission?

This insightful and transformative book explores evangelism, parish health, and outreach ministry. But most importantly, it will guide you in HOW to take action today.


Toolkit For Spiritual Growth: A Practical Guide to Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Now available on Amazon &

Discover the fundamentals of the three-legged stool of Orthdoox practice—prayer, almsgiving, and fasting—in terms that everyone can understand and implement.

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About Fr. Evan Armatas

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Fr. Evan is the parish priest at St. Spyridon Orthodox Church in Loveland and host of the Ancient Faith Radio podcast "Orthodoxy Live".

His new book, "Toolkit for Spiritual Growth" is coming soon to & Amazon this September 1st. Read more about Fr. Evan's background here...

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